How divorce coaching can help you

Expert support dedicated to your wellbeing

How divorce coaching can help you

Expert support dedicated to your wellbeing

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When you’re facing divorce, it can be difficult to identify the right support. Financial or legal, co-parenting or wellbeing? Making the right decision can be tough when you’re not at your best. You deserve support to help you get back your strength, so everything feels more manageable.

Helping you to rediscover your inner strength

Knowing what help you need isn’t always obvious – especially when you’re emotionally overwhelmed. That’s why our discovery call is an essential part of our process. It’s designed to help you identify whether coaching is the right fit for you so you know at the outset exactly what you can expect.

Divorce coaching helps people build resilience and regain the inner strength needed to move forward with their life. I can help you rediscover how self-sufficient you really are.

My professional coaching services are dedicated to getting you back to your best. I can’t do this for you. It takes commitment from you too. But I know you can do it with the right tools and strategies that I can share with you.

As your professionally qualified specialist divorce coach I use a trusted psychological approach to guide you through the process and find clarity, strength and resilience to make the life-changing decisions that will shape your future.

How divorce coaching can help you

If you’re looking for a lawyer, a financial advisor or a custody mediator, I’m not for you.

I do however have a wide network of trusted professionals who I can signpost you to – all of whom can provide you with the support you need at this challenging time.

Rather than focus on what’s around you, my focus is specifically ON you, on getting you whole again, so you feel able to face the world with confidence and clarity.

All my clients receive a personalised and tailored service, designed to support their individual requirements.

My clients include people who:

  • believe divorce may be the only solution for a failing marriage
  • have been served with divorce papers by their spouse
  • are struggling to get through their divorce proceedings
  • need unbiased support and advice to move forward with life
  • find it hard to embrace their future after divorce

How I help people

Going through divorce can be emotionally and mentally overwhelming, making it difficult to think straight and focus on what’s important. We provide professional support for you to gain strength and resilience to manage your emotions and make clear, informed decisions for your future.

Regain Control Of Your Divorce Story

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Giving you the strength and clarity you deserve

Don’t risk making decisions about your future you could regret forever just because your thoughts are emotionally conflicted right now. Schedule a session for impartial, expert support that’ll give you the strength and clarity you need to think clearly and work through your divorce with control and focus. In the meantime, download The Divorce Strategy Checklist.

So, schedule a free discovery session today and take control of your divorce story.

Not all divorce coaches are the same.

Here’s why:

  • I have first-hand experience - I know how challenging divorce can be, because I have been there too and learned the hard way.
  • I am professionally qualified - I’m not just a ‘good listener’. I’m a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, with a Certificate of Coaching and Diploma of Coaching from Cambridge University. I’m also a Member of the Association for Coaching.
  • I use tried and tested processes - I have knowledge of and experience in multiple psychological models, theories, frameworks and methods which I apply throughout my coaching.

So you can rest assured, you’re in safe hands. As your divorce coach, I not only understand what it feels like to go through divorce, I have the expert skills to support you through to the other side, so you can embrace the brighter future you deserve.